Sep 12, 2015

Speak Cantonese

"Speak Cantonese," selected involve all aspects of life ** basic conversation, Choi take Chinese, Cantonese, Chinese homonym, homonym Pinyin filling in the form, in order to improve the accuracy of pronunciation. Because, after all, the two languages differ, we should not be any corresponding pronunciation of Chinese characters to find. ** We can only make big efforts to find a similar pronunciation of Chinese characters and pinyin pronunciation more accurate, in order to fully understand Cantonese provide ready-made, practical sessions.
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a/c cho e hỏi tìm link download ở đâu ạ? e vào infolink mà k thấy. e cảm ơn !

Bạm xem hướng dẫn download tại Menu ở trên nha, tuy nhiên link Baidu đã hết hạn, mình sẽ upload link khác ngay.

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