Sep 11, 2015

Sixty-Six Ways to Ensure Telephone Business

Call is a kind of psychological game, but also a manual. And everyday physical labor is different, it is more reflected in the resilience of telephone service staff attitude and psychology. Therefore, in the course of a call, mind directly affects the results of the telephone service.
    On the court, one of the players trying to break each other's goal, the difference is that the other lost, but in the course of telephone service is a win-win. We use their wisdom and strength to break through the defense constantly, to other venues in so that we can break down the door. The telephone service, to a customer's position to consider, will win customer acceptance.

    This book from the basic telephone service starting preparations, respectively, from the telephone business communication skills, telephone answering skills, language use telephone service skills, decision-makers to find and confirm skill, determination and telephone service turnover contracted skills, telephone service etc. ending with the continuation of several large items of departure, focusing on 66 key telephone business, so that we accurately understand and master these telephone services in professional methods and techniques.
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