Sep 24, 2015

New Vietnamese spoken tutorial 1

新编越南语口语教程  上
"New Vietnamese speaking tutorials (1&1)," two volumes, the first volume of the first part of the Vietnamese voice, made a scientific method to pronounce, detailed description, and with articulation map, easy to learn to master; the second part of the book and lower volumes all spoken text, a topic closely linked to each lesson, covers all major aspects of social life in Vietnam, the term authentic, realistic, practical, for learners and Viet Nam trade, tourism and other exchanges to lay a solid the language foundation. This tutorial authors are Vietnamese industry experts, by the ranking of Vietnam well-known professors, scientific, high reliability.
This tutorial total of two, the book is divided into two parts, a total of 19 courses; 17 lessons the next volume. Volume 19 class, with six units introduces readers to Vietnamese students and voice knowledge; the other 13 classes according to the specific communication environments such as greetings, description, number and timing of expression, ask for directions, phone calls, bank phrasebook , talking about the weather, introduce family and weddings, and funerals and other aspects of spoken text. 密码:ripc
From the book's second part to lower volumes of each one lesson, we are the first to provide some basic sentence to students daily. Then, students can see the Vietnamese in a concrete, a typical session environment is how to use these sentences. In addition to providing each lesson and communicative environment appropriate word, but also explain to the students, more precisely, how to guide students according to Vietnamese spoken customary use these words. After each lesson, students are also provided with the text related to remember the main content and exercises for students to practice self-learned content.
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