New Vietnamese Basic Course 1

New Vietnamese Basic Course 1


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Foreign Languages ​​Institute, Guangxi University for Nationalities since its inception, has written a variety of Vietnamese materials. However, due to various reasons, these materials has not been formally published. Over the years, my school training Vietnamese personnel welcomed by the community, the employer on the basis of our teaching affirmed and praised. In 2001 the Ministry of Education to determine the non-universal language of our school specializes in Western countries, non-universal language undergraduate training base. In 2003 I was named the grade school in Vietnamese specialty boutique Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In recent years, China and Southeast Asian countries, particularly Vietnam in the political, economic and cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent exchanges between China and Vietnam will further rapid development requires learning more and more Vietnamese people. To accommodate this situation, meet the needs of the community, we prepared a set of "New Vietnamese Basic Course", hoping to learn this, college students and the community interested in learning Vietnamese for Vietnamese to provide better , easy to learn and master the basic materials.
This tutorial is from beginners to start learning, so focus on phonemes, consonants, vowels and tones, pinyin, syllable, sound discrimination, word, letter calligraphy and give rigorous training session in terms of phrase. According to Vietnamese pronunciation characteristics, in line with the principle of linking theory with practical, focused, and difficulty using phonics knowledge to clarify pronunciation method and characteristics. Vietnamese pinyin method using voice teaching, Deep tell experienced union.
"New Vietnamese Basic Course" (a) is the starting point of Vietnamese professional foundation course, students are required to master the Vietnamese more systematic knowledge of the voice. Through repeated practice of training, access to listen, speak Vietnamese basic knowledge and basic skills to read and write. This tutorial is divided into three parts: First, parts of speech, including vowels, consonants and tone articulation; vowels, syllables spelling characteristics; distinguish sounds, phrases, texts, words of training; spelling rules; written letters and letters name; exercises. Second, the oral part of the session, including the meeting to say hello, to visit friends, take to the streets, shopping, eating breakfast, barber, contact communications everyday language. Third, the new words.
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