Sep 23, 2015

Little Dictionary of Chinese Idioms

Idioms are words or phrases in Chinese fixed long-term development in formation. It has a very strong general and performance capabilities, vivid, concise profound, loved by the people. Appropriate use of idioms in speaking or writing, to make meaning of the expression more perfect, more beautiful language, text and more vivid.
To enable students to quickly increase the ability to use idioms, improve their language proficiency, we organized experts, language teachers and other prepared this "little Chinese idiom dictionary", dedicated to the readers.
The dictionary income is mainly based on primary and secondary language textbooks to primary and secondary schools teachers and students to "teach" the need to "learn" idiom for the issue point, in order to improve the quality of language teaching for the purpose of targeted income students often need to know idiom nearly 3,200 in each idiom of sound, form, meaning, with other aspects of the specification, to help students fully and accurately grasp idioms.
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