Sep 9, 2015

Korean Easy Start

"Korean ease of entry" is the foundation for beginners Korean materials. "Korean Easy Start" from the sounding start, the standard pronunciation to learn a foreign language is a prerequisite. Section focuses on practical oral session can help beginners in a short period of time to achieve the standard pronunciation, fluency levels. Each lesson last, also supplemented with some Korean before, help the learner more comprehensive and broader understanding of Korean history, culture, customs and the like.
"Korean ease of entry" in the first half of the focus is on Korean pronunciation, in the latter part of session-based, and appropriate to add a small essay, the choice of daily living, social situations most commonly used sentences, and divided into different themes, with tapes , after-school syntax comments on the text that appears to explain grammatical phenomena, and finally with a lot of the exercises for beginners to use self-study.
"Korean Easy Start" with South Korean experts recorded cassette.
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