Easy Steps to Chinese 2 - Textbook

Easy Steps to Chinese 2 - Textbook


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Easy Steps to Chinese adopts a new approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. It is designed for both primary and secondary school students who are taking Chinese exams, such as GCSE/IGCSE/AS (U.K.), SAT II/AP (U.S.A.), IB Chinese Language B Standard Level, or for those students starting to learn Chinese on their own. While completing this series, the students will acquire a vocabulary of about 1,600 Chinese characters, and develop confidence in using Chinese to communicate either orally or in written form. The series includes Textbook with an audio CD, Workbook, Teacher's Book with a CD, Picture Flash Cards and Word Cards. Currently, only Textbook and Workbook 1-2 are published. The remaining volumes will be published in August 2007 and thereafter. Ages 10 and up. Topics in Stage 1 include: Books 1-2 · Numbers · Personal identification · Parts of the body · Colors and clothing · Food and drinks · Daily routines · Schooling · Hobbies · Life at home · Means of transport· Daily articles · Weather Some features of this series include: · task-based learning · a wide variety of texts · practical tasks and activities · up-to-date topics relevant to young people · careful pacing for gradual progress · clearly focused aims · regular consolidation · both Simplified and Traditional script in the vocabulary list · a fun and effective approach · attractive page designs
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