Easy Steps to Chinese 1 (full)

Easy Steps to Chinese 1 (full)


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This RAR file included: Textbook+Audio, test+audio and Workbook
Fun and effective, this excellent textbook series adopts an exciting new approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The task-based program, designed by the authors of the popular Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for Kids, is based on feedback and helpful suggestions from teachers who use those series in their classrooms. The new program includes careful pacing, up-to-date topics, attractive page designs, and practical tasks and activities. In the workbooks, students practice Pinyin and strokes, write Chinese characters, and more. Students acquire a vocabulary of 1,600 characters and confidence in speaking and writing Chinese. The series includes Textbook with an audio CD, Workbook, Teacher's Book with a CD, Picture Flash Cards and Word Cards. Paperback, Simplified characters, Pinyin and English. Ages 10+.
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  1. can i get id and password for download please! i need it to teach

    1. @Chandra Efendi: ID and password has been shared. Please see the above post and Guide how to download menu

  2. can you pls share a link pls, the old one doesn't exist

  3. 这个不能下载,请分享一个链接,谢谢您!

  4. Hi, Tina
    I'm sorry for disturb you
    but I already try. The link is already broken
    Be kindness for renew the link please
    Thank you


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