Sep 10, 2015

Chinese Riddle


In addition to the book introduces the production, development, classification and methods guessing riddles, but also a selection of words in the word puzzle 7200 cases.

Chinese riddle, is an important part of Chinese Folk Literature. Riddles, are the masses of the most popular and one of the public cultural activities both popular and elegant, for thousands of years, by the men and women welcome. Since ancient times, those who love the ancient riddle activities, the creation of the endless variety of puzzles, more to the innumerable, colorful, gem lake head, beautiful. Currently, riddle activities more flourishing prosperity, riddle every day in the creation of a school of spring scene. I edited it a "Chinese riddle Daquan" is widely collecting various outstanding riddles, categorized separately assembled into a book, so that the reader examine classification, regardless of personal guess shoot, or organization 谜会, can get enough from this encyclopedia data
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