Chinese for Children: Bk. 3: Chinese Characters in Pictures

Chinese for Children: Bk. 3: Chinese Characters in Pictures


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"International Children Chinese: 3 Picture Dictionary (Chinese-English bilingual edition)": International Children Chinese. "International Children Chinese" is a Chinese textbook series foreign children. "International Children Chinese" according to the demand in China, international schools and non-native speakers of Chinese primary school foreign language teaching sixth grade students, as well as short-term foreign children to learn Chinese, referring to Chinese children Chinese Proficiency Examination [HSK (Children)] requires the preparation and to make.
With "edutainment" as the guiding ideology, implement the principle of the preparation of the function, structure and culture of three combinations, the preparation according to the Chinese children HSK requirements;
According to children's physical, psychological characteristics and their needs and preferences, content-oriented fun, scientific and practical, and try to Chinese culture, truth, goodness and beauty to convey to the students;
Including the "student textbook", "Workbook", "guidebook" Each 12 "pinyin textbook" and "Pinyin Guidebook" each one, and with the support of the "International Children's Picture Dictionary Chinese" 3 , a full 41 total.
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  2. hi, thanks for share this material, is really a hard work but we appreciate it, because you help us a lot


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