Zhège cí, yuánlái shì zhège yìsi!

Zhège cí, yuánlái shì zhège yìsi!


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The original is not stupid fool Originally taken on pawn pawn Stay turned out to be really put to bed down Fiction really is surnamed Du in writing it? Scud is covered legs legs it? Why is cloven hoof exposed himself away? Why should we fight hard to deal with? Generous originally meant the court edict Moonlight that it is not lying in bed It turned out that these words of ancient and modern usage is so different! Let Guoxue expert to lead you back to the language of the Historic Site, First reading had nearly 200 entries how the birth, How evolved into today's usage, Both long experience, knowledge and long. Originally, the Chinese language is alive, there is life. After reading this book, You'll never go wrong, misuse and abuse of Chinese it!
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