An English-Chinese Dictionary of Metalforming

An English-Chinese Dictionary of Metalforming


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An English-Chinese Dictionary of Metalforming - 2001 - ISBN 7502426787 - 995s.pdfdictionaries & encyclopedias collection

This is a metal plastic processing specialized dictionaries for metallurgy, steel rolling, automation-related professionals, with English index back. It seems to be the only bookstores can buy rolling dictionary.
English-Chinese dictionary Metal Plastic Processing Description This dictionary received a total of 27,061 head words. Specialized vocabulary based metal rolling, metal plastic processing integrated the drawing, forging, stamping, drawing, extruding and other specialized vocabulary, and extended to plastic processing and metal-related professions, such as metal physics, metal materials, metallurgical heat treatment, welding, casting, metallurgical machinery, electrical automation, computer control and other major professional vocabulary.
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