An English-Chinese Dictionary of Science and Technology

An English-Chinese Dictionary of Science and Technology


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"English-Chinese Dictionary of Science and Technology" more comprehensive collection of scientific and technical vocabulary of about 130,000, nearly 13 million words. Covering information technology, medical technology, biotechnology, defense technology, mechanical industry, chemical industry and oil, textile, physics and chemistry, hundreds of animals and plants and other disciplines, which focused information technology, sensor technology, and new materials and other high-tech words field. And absorb the various disciplines standard phrases National Natural Science Terminology Committee announced.

This dictionary is engaged in engineering and technology, scientific research, teaching, management and production staff is a very useful tool; for junior high school students, managers learn and understand scientific knowledge is a valuable reference book; the need for the expertise of non-learning experts, scholars may well be a suitable desk book.
50,000 entries of science and technology terms, covering all major fields of science and technology and featuring the most commonly-used, key terms. The entries are characterized by new, accurate, and practical. With 15 appendices of related subjects. A very useful tool for both professionals and general readers.
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