Sep 10, 2015

A Hand-held Dictionary of Current English

"Twenty-first Century essence of Chinese Dictionary" English author mainland elite sector of the cluster, the plot all his life teaching and research of ideas and experiences, in a concise, practical concept, highlighting new, more refined words. The new addition to the old obsolete words that do not at the same time, as much as possible to introduce the reader to the English in the past three decades and emerged as a public recognition of the new words and old words new meaning, usage. The dictionary that received a total of more basic words, derivatives, co-word 160,000, the total number of words 5,320,000, as far as possible to meet the needs of an audience that is not only fine strict interpretation, illustration essence, usage scene, trying to highlight Daishin small dictionary. Interest rate characteristics, and the binding lively, small size, so that readers easily accessible and portable, fully embodies this unique dictionary of practical convenience.
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