Aug 15, 2015

Guide to World Famous Places


Take control of the way the book in English and Chinese presented to readers, with particular emphasis on English vocabulary learning, thus editor for new words and difficult words were annotated to the convenience of readers. Editor's also access to a wealth of information on the Chinese emerging knowledge made a more detailed comments, allow readers to understand more background. This book language is refined, very close to the latest developments in language, informative, readable and interesting are strong, I believe it beneficial to your global mindset.
A brief description of the book world's 50 major cities or points of interest, such as London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and so on, these cities and regions have beautiful scenery waiting for you to visit. Due to the current economic strength increasingly powerful China, people's living standard has undergone enormous changes, outbound tourism has become fashionable. Travel abroad, to understand the world, is also developing a "global thinking" in a way, and before going out, reading this book, advance look at the beauty of the world's major cities and climate, which will greatly facilitate your travel.
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