Comprehensive Chinese Word Dictionary

Comprehensive Chinese Word Dictionary


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Author: Xu Shu editor; Hanyu editorial board codification
Publication item: Sichuan Dictionary Publishing House; Hubei Dictionary Publishing House
Text: 4810 | 7 files | 4.58GB
Book Description:
"Hanyu" is a compilation of words regular script characters, a total of eight volumes, income 54,678 words regular script, arranged by 200 radicals. The book-shaped sound and meaning of Chinese characters have been systematically explain comprehensively analyzed ancient and modern regular script characters, to reflect the physical changes of Chinese characters, it included a representative of Oracle, Jin, Seal and official script form. Using the phonetic alphabet marked the modern pronunciation of the word, but Fanqie marked medieval tone, reflected by rhyme Middle Chinese. Interpretation is complete, the original meaning, derive meaning, through false righteousness are to be described in detail.
The dictionary won the China Book Award and the National Book Award.

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