50 Topics on Chinese Culture

50 Topics on Chinese Culture


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This book is witty conversation meanders all aspects of Chinese culture. Dialogue part of the information-rich, unique perspectives, stimulate interest, and special attention to those Westerners understand Chinese culture and customs. Adhering to vivid dialogue language, simple and effective principle, we have a wealth of fixed combinations and phrases to help you master the oral method; each topic is equipped with a "background reading", as the language of knowledge and background knowledge necessary expansion; each lesson exercises spoken by a full-time English teacher design, forms, targeted. Each lesson vocabulary extract important oral law. With this book and the included MP3 recordings of conversations, you may be speaking, listening, speech, dictation, translation and interpretation, vocabulary and other exercises. Whether used in the classroom or self-study oral teaching, this book has a considerable stretch and flexibility.
Audio: http://club.topsage.com/thread-2964133-1-1.html
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