Jul 8, 2015

Syntax Motives and Mechanisms

"Syntax of motivation and mechanism of" Introduction:
This book is a "Chinese grammar of the process" (2001, University Press), a book's companion. It reflects the author's last five years of research in the field of grammar, the phenomenon discussed included the disposal, passive, instrumental, question mark, exclamation mark, quantifiers, conceptual and grammatical development, basic word order of a language impact. Research the book and complement previous book, mostly previous book did not mention or discuss not fully developed, so the two books can be embraced each other and together form a complete picture of the history of Chinese grammar. This book has been in the previous book on vision progressive thinking and research, focuses on a word that appears in the syntax environment and impact on the frequency of use of grammar, analyze the impact of the use of a word to its original grammatical markers to explore Chinese conceptualization characteristic on Chinese Grammar. More emphasis on cross-language book from the perspective to explore the relationship between the characteristics of Chinese grammar and syntax is different between the realms in search of personality development, while Chinese and found common development between Chinese and other languages.
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