Linguistic 96

Linguistic 96


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The book department Prof.Xu late 1990s Culmination of linguistic theory. Author of "language worldview" as the philosophical foundation, trying to get rid of "Indo-European perspective", initially extracted from the "Structure associated with" theoretical model. Furthermore, through language and writing, when last the community, interact with the exception of organic rules, the theory and application of the "West contrast" approach, from phonology, constitutive speech, syntactical systems perspective reveals the Chinese unique "one word a syllable a concept of "deep mechanism. Sorting and research of traditional Chinese study of the actual language material weight rarely discuss theory and research-based book of Chinese linguistics absorb Western spiritual argument to explain the structure of Chinese law and evolution, the theory of Chinese language Research to develop a new approach. This book language is rigorous, professional, for the researchers of linguistics is a rare books.

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