Introduction to Semantics

Introduction to Semantics


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Nearly half a century, the rapid development of foreign linguistics research, on the one hand, the emergence of a variety of theories and models in the core disciplines of linguistics (phonology, syntax, semantics, etc.); on the other hand, linguistics and other disciplines combined, a series of interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, etc.). This series of editing and publishing to provide readers with a set of relevant theory and its application on the basis of the principles of both books, the popularity of linguistics and applied linguistics knowledge, the promotion of language learning, research and teaching to make a modest contribution. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics is the tertiary language professional, especially one of the professional foreign language courses generally offered. Due to the development and innovation of contemporary linguistics, traditional Linguistics content can not meet the needs of teaching and learning, just as a tutorial in this series, to fill this gap. Books will be divided into series published as the first series of dedicated readers have six albums. This series is also planned in the future continue to introduce other relevant disciplines linguistics and applied linguistics. Readers the knowledge and application of the principles described in each album will likely carry out the actual situation of China's experiment and research, and explore Chinese students to learn and master the language (especially Western) law, so as to promote the reform of the teaching language.
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