Cultural Geography

Cultural Geography


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The ancients said: "Man is not fixed, the text into law legislation"; he said: "no fixed body, generally must have." For writing this matter is concerned, this statement is very dialectical. On the one hand it shows that writing can not blindly follow a fixed pattern, "imitation"; on the other hand shows that writing to comply with the rules of the convention in general. A combination of both, is to learn the correct way of writing. This "basic writing course" is the author set many years of practical experience in the teaching of writing and writing, melt predecessors, students and their writing stand in a furnace, the face of college students (including arts, science, engineering, liberal arts based) an introductory textbook. If you read carefully under the guidance of teachers, taste, you will find that "in the 21st century Humanistic Education textbook series: BASIC WRITING COURSE" both noted the theoretical writing of this discipline, but also noted its practicality; both he noted that the writing activity as a spiritual activity perception of, and noticed the writing on social life brought about by the utilitarian role pragmatic.
With the development and progress of science and technology, modern writing activity has not only manually on paper, the use of computers and multimedia technology means writing activities have been all the rage, but, no matter what tools writing, or who play a leading role mind. Writing mindset of the subject, the level of awareness, thinking skills, cultural level, knowledge experience, rhetorical skills are still the decisive factor in the success or failure of writing. Want to use the "artificial intelligence" instead of "human intelligence" is unrealistic fantasy. The human factor is the factors that ultimately play a decisive role, at least in the writing activity is. Thus, the book of the human spirit activities related to the analysis, to improve understanding of the author's study is of great reference value.

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