Jul 11, 2015

Chinese Reading 1 Teacher's Guide

"Easy Chinese" for the Japanese high school students to write Chinese Textbook, is Hanban planning materials. This series is also available for other Japanese students begin to learn Chinese use.
First, write principle
This material is preparing to follow the principle of "structure - Culture - Function" combining basic Chinese grammar structure to the main line, combined with communication functions and cultural projects to everyday conversation and cultural knowledge as the main content.
Second, the textbook characteristics
1, pay attention to scientific and systematic
The materials in the preparation of the main reference of the "Outline of Chinese Vocabulary '(State Leading Group for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Office HSK section drawing series, Beijing Languages ​​Institute Press, 1992)," Chinese Proficiency Standard Outline "(Trial) (China Society for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Proficiency Guideline research team compiled, Beijing Language Institute Press, 1996), the latest research results, and also participated in a number of Japanese high school and college students to use Chinese textbooks.
The teaching grammar points are in line from easy to difficult, progressive principles arrangements.
2, and strive to improve the repetition rate, strengthen students practice;
More attention to the preparation of this textbook reproduction ratio grammar and vocabulary.
The book consists of 25 lessons, beginners objects are students, in addition to voice, mainly a combination of students' daily life simple conversation.
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