As the first Second, the Chinese Ontology Language

As the first Second, the Chinese Ontology Language


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As a Chinese ontology study a second language "for the" World Chinese Language Teaching and Research Series "one book, the series included foreign language teaching and research an important article of guiding significance for the international promotion of Chinese language, books for foreign language teachers Chinese and foreign students to read reference.
"English as a Second Language and the Study" consists of three parts: First, the author of Chinese as a second language teaching disciplines, basic research, awareness and capacity as well as Chinese language teachers should have the world and other issues, proposed full Transcend's sound advice on the development of Chinese as a second language subject teaching guiding role. Secondly, the author teaching Chinese as a second language specific problem grammar teaching, teaching function words and vocabulary teaching research and analysis, points clear, thorough analysis, great reference value. Finally, the authors confusing for foreign students, is easy to use the wrong words or syntax format, from students learning perspective, for a detailed but insightful analysis, description and stated that its contents can be used directly as a Foreign Language Teaching.
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