A History of Linguistics

A History of Linguistics


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This book is the author's most important and influential works. The book will be divided into the history of the ancient history of linguistics linguistics, history historical comparative linguistics and general linguistics history of three parts. In part of ancient history of linguistics, he introduced the world's four major sources of Linguistics (Greece - Rome, ancient Indian, Chinese and Arabic) language research; in the history of historical comparative linguistics section describes the Historical and comparative linguistics, development and significance, briefed on the various languages of the world languages comparative study of history; in general linguistics history section, he describes the founder of general linguistics from Humboldt to the 1950s, various schools of structuralism linguistic point of view, highlighting the historical ties between the various schools.
This book is one of the earliest works on the history of linguistics, the first attempt in the history of Chinese linguistics Linguistics Shinarupu go through discussion, through the ancient and modern, is a must-read history Linguistics and researchers.
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