Jul 14, 2015

A Handbook of Chinese Idiomatic and Colloquial Expressions with English Equivalents

"Common Chinese idioms into English Handbook" is an everyday practical Chinese idioms into English books. According to the words used in daily communication frequency included common idioms (idioms and idiom in the main, while a small amount of proverbs, sayings and slang) 2000, range more widely. Wherein Politeness and idiomatic expression generally listed as several deformation, vulgar language and exclamations expressions are also included for easy explanation of their non-standard usage. "Common Chinese idioms into English Handbook" expressions used idiom is quite practical for foreigners to learn Chinese language, Chinese English learners to read too straightforward. Sometimes simple Chinese difficult to correct English expressions, from this point of view, this manual can be regarded as a good helper position. It will help Chinese idioms lovers choose according to different occasions both appropriate and concise, colorful expression.
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