A Coursebook on Pragmatic Translation

A Coursebook on Pragmatic Translation


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This book primarily for institutions of higher learning English undergraduate use. The book has 11 chapters, divided into science and technology, trade, journalism, law, advertising, travel and other categories; in addition, also includes aspects of political commentary, public notices, business profile, work reports.
The book, in theory, to be functional teleology (SKOPOS Theory) as a guide. The reason why is because the adoption of this theory to the Translation are all real, even utilitarian purposes, and meet the requirements of the translation to achieve the desired function to the maximum extent. The purpose and function is to apply stylistic interpretation of the evidence and in mind. Application of stylistic translation book cover wider, more in-depth content, but also for graduate students as well as all types of training required in the application of the Translation, students at all levels of elective use.
Authority: Prepared by the famous professor subtopics, precise and appropriate content; academic: functional translation theory, practical; the times: the translation needs of the market-oriented, to apply their knowledge; comprehensive: different students as the object, widely applicable.
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