A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary Express Yourself Appropriately

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary Express Yourself Appropriately


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How to correct decent language to express an idea, opinion or perception is often one of the difficulties of many language learners and users encounter. Especially for Chinese English learners and users, in line with British and American people accustomed to use English to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions is even more difficult. Because different national conditions and cultural differences often make numerous Chinese English learners and users as difficult to find desirable context or close relative such as idioms in conversation, writing and translation of the words and expressions frustrated. I since compiled a "Concise English dictionary idiomatic expression" (Chinese), the number of readers have expressed the dictionary to help English learners and users aptly express their thoughts, ideas or opinions is helpful to improve English Learners English interest, correct, appropriate, effective control and use of a variety of expression methods and rich means of expression of great benefit. At the same time there are many readers advice: if the preparation of the publication of a dictionary word or a means of expression by Chinese inspection or retrieve English to Chinese English learners and are more helpful and user benefits. According to this proposal, I try to write of this "Concise Chinese-English dictionary Classification expression" in the hope that it can appropriately express ideas correctly, views or opinions helping English learners and users, help them learn and master English phrases, help them enrich English expression means.
The dictionary Menu / ideas (expression) have organized a total of close functional / mind senses more than 600, the same or similar meaning idiom appropriate, in a group. In each classification functions / ideas meanings, lists of words to express the usual meaning of that term, to facilitate the reader to be expressed at a function to read the German quickly find, compare and use. The dictionary of contemporary English idioms have received more than 7,000 pieces, each entry has English and Chinese translations. Interpretation is simple and accurate. Each entry comes with example sentences. Examples authentic language, simple and practical. Each entry Translation accurate and smooth. For some difficult to understand and master the idiom is required to make an appropriate comment and explain respectively. The dictionary features / ideas (expression) Classification Alphabetical alphabetical order entry classification meanings within the English press are arranged in alphabetical order. In addition, the dictionary provides a stroke order by Chinese functions / ideas (expression) categories and also appendix encoded with Alphabetical arranged in alphabetical order and stroke order of Chinese features / ideas are (expression) Categories Sense concordance for easy access and retrieval.
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