Jun 4, 2015

Three Kingdoms Comic

Shanghai Pictorial Publishing House published in December 2006, through the traditional line drawing comics forms, integrated 21, the three old comics and Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House with supplements that can be said to be a good complement the original three.
By the National fourteen provinces more than twenty authors took three years to complete innovations; A full set of 21 books, the first of 21 episodes of short medley, contains 10 stories.

Episode 1 North Sea to save Kong Rong

Beihai Prefecture Jung was outstanding literary talent, and his Jigonghaoyi. Mi Zhu came to ask him to save Xuzhou, only the Yellow Turban army troops besieged leader Guan Hai Beihai, ask for food. Taishi Ci gratitude Kong Rong End, only kick of the camp came to rescue, and Riding Alone breakthrough to help Liu Bei. Liu Bei sent troops to rescue, Guan Yu and beheaded Guan Hai. Please save Xuzhou together Kong Rong Liu Bei, Liu Bei promise. Taishi Ci resign Kong Rong remuneration, investment Yangzhou go. (According to "Three Kingdoms" XI back "Liu Huang Shu North Sea to save Jung was broken Cao Cao Lu Puyang Swinhoe" back before half adaptation)
Episode 2 Laval Yuan Shu painting: Nichun Pei adaptation: Sima Tan Su Zhijie Pages: 108
Yuan Shu emperor, with the desire Riboud marriage. Riboud Chen Gui, Chen Deng persuaded his son, broke off diplomatic relations with Yuan Shu, Cao Cao Nice. Yuan Shu furious and sent his army to attack Riboud. Chen Teng Han Siam instigation, Yang Feng, Liu Bei came sideswipe, Yuan defeated. Later, Cao joint Riboud, Liu Bei and Sun Ce, crusade against Yuan Shu, to capture the Shouchun. (According to "Three Kingdoms" Seventeenth back "Yuan road rendezvous big play three to seven military Caomeng" adaptation)
Episode 3 Jigumacao painting: Nichun Pei adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 76
Mercier Mi Heng uninhibited, aloof pride. Mi Heng Kong Rong will recommend to the devil, but then Mi Heng cavalier attitude, and let him do the drums officials to humiliate him. Mi Heng vent their dissatisfaction by drumming, the presence of lower-ranking civil and military cursed thief Cao Cao is kleptocrats. Cao Cao would like Collateral, took him deported to Liu Biao place to lobby, after the war of words, was killed Cho. (According to "Three Kingdoms" twenty-third back, "Thou Zhengping bare clothes thief Kat imperial curse poison punishment was" back to the first half of adaptation, and absorbed some dramatic footage)
Episode 4 cut in Kyrgyzstan Painting: Li Fang adaptation: Sima Tan Su Zhijie Pages: 77
Sundance Kid Sun Ce because of dissatisfaction in Kyrgyzstan won the hearts of priests, which was beheaded, after the matter troubled, picking up an injury and died. After Sun Quan inherited Foundation, under Zhou Yu's assistant, recruiting Lu Su, Zhuge Jin, Gu Yong and other personnel, the Koto thrive. (According to "Three Kingdoms" twenty-ninth back to "bully anger cut holes punched in Ji Bi sit collar Koto" adaptation)
Episode 5 levy Cho painting: Wei Qing adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 88
Sun Quan helm Koto, recruit more capable, integrated Caotun grain, forces became stronger and stronger. He reported his father's enemy, the summer population of Cho twice crusade. Reggie Canning contempt because of dissatisfaction with Cho, defected to Sun Quan. After fierce wars Yangtze River, Wu Cho wiped out the forces, and strengthening the force. (According to "Three Kingdoms" the thirty-eighth back "set of decision-long war-thirds of the Yangtze River Sun revenge" Article 39 back to "seek meter Jingzhou Cheng son three armies early Bowang slope of troops" and part of the adaptation)
Episode 6 copper bird Taiwan Painting: Xu Kunlin tube adaptation Binbin: Lei Wei Sima Tan Pages: 110
Cao Cao Yuan Shao went out, broken Jizhou, dig a copper bird, regarded as auspicious, after the construction of the copper bird Taiwan Ye City. Copper bird table after the completion of his civil and military parties, let the generals boast prestige contest in front of the stage. He used heavily at the welcome back from the South Huns Wenji, copper bird table for her Jie Feng, requested its continuation "Han", also match with Dong Si she married for the elephants. (According to "Three Kingdoms" Thirty back to "seize Jizhou Yuanshang Commander Zhang Xu You must offer", the thirty-third back, "Guo Jia Zhen Shi Pi Chengluan Carolina left metered Liaodong" fifty-sixth back " Cao Ming banquet copper bird table three gas Zhou Gongjin "and part of adaptation, and absorbed some dramatic footage)
Episode 7 Guiyang painting to take into account: Hong Sun this adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 78
After the battle of Red Cliff, Liu Bei victory charge Jingxiang land. Zhao volunteered Quduo Guiyang, Guiyang Prefecture Zhao Fan Zhao and with sworn allegiance, want to marry him to his widow inheritance, Zhao was rejected, therefore the two fell out. Zhao Zhao Fan ZhaJiang see through design, and counted on to earn Guiyang city. Then Zhang also beat Wuling. (According to "Three Kingdoms" Fifty-back "hero Lu Su Zhuge Liang Chi resigned to take into account Guiyang" adaptation)
Episode 8 fight together Fei painting: Wei Gang adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 70
After the battle of Red Cliff, Sun Quan to fight together Fei, Zhang Liao was refused, at loggerheads. Taishi Ci Fei together people sneak into the city in an attempt collaborated, was Zhang Liao will count on the meter, dark ambush, shot the Taishi Ci, Sun Quan was forced to withdraw. Taishi Ci also seriously injured and died from his injuries. (According to "Three Kingdoms" fifty-third back, "Kuan Yi Huang Han-liter sunzhongmou Wars release Zhang Yuan" half back after adaptation)
Episode 9 drunk management Leiyang Painting: Zhang Hao adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 75
Pang Tong came up hill the great work, because of being handsome, was first refused to use Sun Quan, Liu Bei after the vote, it can only be appointed as Leiyang magistrate. During his tenure on the wine waste matter, Liu Bei sent Zhang went to inquire, Pang Tong hundred days will be accumulated in a half day official overall processing clean. Pang Tong Liu Bei realized this talent and asked him to make a deputy military advisor. (According to "Three Kingdoms" fifty-seventh back to "Chaisang mouth condole Leiyang county Wolong Feng Chu governing" adaptation)
Episode 10 Kill broken Ma Chao painting: Nichun Pei adaptation: Nichun Pei Yanjing passenger Pages: 83
Ma Chao angrily revolted against the newspaper Fu Chou Cao, after the failure of his living Qiang, the borrow Qiang Binggong take Jicheng, killing thorn 史韦康. Wycombe men Yangfu to JIANG Xu Licheng crusade at Kill Ma Chao, Cao Cao sent Xiahou Yuan came to support armies attack from Ma Chao defeated. Rebel Ma Chao was killed his wife and children, he was distraught, with the total open Licheng earn revenge, then defected to Hanzhong Zhang Lu. Later, Zhang Lu Chao also sent to the rescue Yizhou Liu Zhang. (Based on after "Three Kingdoms" sixty-fourth back "Zhang Ming a scheme to catch any broken 杨阜 Kill Ma Chao" half back adaptation)
Episode 11 South after killing levy painting: 韦庆洪 Sun Hong-chul of the adaptation: Lei Wei Pages: 94
Cao control of the DPRK power, increasingly arrogant, I want to say male king, Xun Yu, Xun You two have discouraged, Cao Cao was beaten to death. Sun Quan Cao Cao sent troops Nanzheng, without success. Queen V anger in Cao autocratic and despotic, want to try your father volt complete except Cao Cao only to be found, send Huaxin house search, arrest and kill the Queen V, will be entirely home Manmenchaozhan volts. (According to "Three Kingdoms" sixty-back "Zhao Jiang won fools Quan testament cut back old hiding," sixty-sixth back to the "V Queen Kuan solo run for the country donate life" part adaptation)
Episode 12 flat Hanzhong painting: Chen adaptation: Sima Tan Chen Pages: 85
Cao crusade entrenched Zhang Lu in Hanzhong, has defeated Yang Ang, Yang Ren, captured yangpingguan. Yan Pu recommend played Pound, Pound Lidi Cao Ying four generals, unafraid. Cao deeply cherish, with Jia Xu discord among heavily bribe Jansson. Jansson enter calumny to Zhang Lu, Zhang Lu really jealous Pound, Cao Cao to his quick victory, that is very cut. Pound captured played in dollars, submission of Cao Cao. Later Jansson traitorously to offer the city, Zhang Lu see the hopeless situation, no way to retreat, but also had to dismount and surrender. Thus, the best of Hanzhong Cao Cao land. (According to "Three Kingdoms" the sixty-seventh back, "Cao Cao pacification of Hanzhong Zhang Liao Megatron Xiaoyaojin" back before half adaptation)
Episode 13 drama Cao Zuo Ci painting: Nichun Pei adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 88
Cao domineering killed against their king's 尚书崔 Yan, said the king after more arrogant, massive construction projects, but also stand the eldest son of the eldest son of Pi. Cao Zuo Ci priests dissatisfied autocratic, repeatedly teasing with magic Cao, which makes him a mess. Cao Zuo Ci arrest ordered beheaded, but, he was scared sick practice. (According to "Three Kingdoms" sixty-eighth back, "Canning hijacked one hundred Wei Zuo Ci throwing Cup play Cao Cao camp" half back after adaptation)
Episode 14 anti Xu Du Painting: Hong Sun this adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 88
Cao scared him sick, please God BU tube chariot to dispel misunderstanding, the body better. Geng Ji, Wei Huang, Jin Yi Cao and other grievances arbitrary and despotic, take advantage of the celebration of the Lantern Festival, plotting anti-Cao, Xu fire have been Xiu and Jaap army repression, killing Cao Cao also took a number of non-辜大臣. Then Cao troops Hanzhong, against Shujun. (According to "Three Kingdoms" sixty-ninth back to "Book of pipe chariot Bu Mystery discuss insurgent five Chen Si section" adaptation)
Episode 15 jealous kill Yang Hsiu painting: Zhuze Jun adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 121
Yang Hsiu talented celebrities, because often see through Cao Cao's mind, and his assistant, Seiko's contention bit Cao Zhi, Cao Cao fear. Later, Cao Cao and Liu Bei sent troops to compete Hanzhong, fighting and adverse dilemma. Cao Cao indecision, the variability of the northern and break his "weak" password, so Cao Cao was furious. Cao Cao in violation of military orders, creating chaos and confusion as an excuse heart, killing Yang Hsiu. (According to "Three Kingdoms" seventy-second back to "outsmart Hanzhong Zhuge Liang Cao A hiding soldiers retreat Xiegu" adaptation)
Episode 16 Yuquan Mountain Painting: Li Xiang adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 114
Guan Yu miscues, Sun Quan killed. Wang Fu, Zhou Cang also suicidal martyrdom Lord. Liu Bei, Guan Yu learned that the victim, grief, vowed revenge, Zhuge Liang discouraged. Later, Guan Yu innocent people living folklore to Yuquan Shan, Pu Jing attunement is only refuge away. Cao Cao, Guan Yu continued to be plagued by dreams and other innocent people, headache trouble, doctors suspect Hua key yourself, to imprison death. Soon, Cao Cao also ill dies. (According to "Three Kingdoms" seventy-seventh back to "Yuquan Shan Guan Cao Cao was a sense of God, the holy city of Luoyang," adapted)
Episode 17 Sun Quan became the emperor Painting: Shenda Wen Wei Qing adaptation: Su Zhijie Pages: 103
Liu Bei Wu discuss revenge, Sun Quan was repulsed. Shangxiang know Liu Bei's death, a river sati. Pi Wu Shu not multiply and mishaps, was Lu Xun, Zhu Huan repulsed. After Wu Shu communicate with each other so befriend the West Sichuan Chang Wen Wu messenger celebrities Qin Mi a "day of debate," Qin Mi impressed by the talent, combined with anti-Cao Wu Shu. After the death of Pi, Sun Quan became the emperor, Gong Wei and Shu together. Sun Quan personally set off, only to be Zhuge Jin navy attack and defeat Man Chong, the count after Lu Xun, Wu get out. (According to "Three Kingdoms" eighty-sixth back to "difficult Chang Wen Qin Mi Pi succeed day break Xu Sheng Fire will argue," ninety-eighth back to "chase Han Wang hit double by vocal cover of Wuhou win," one hundredth hundred and three back, "Sima trapped above the valley Wuzhangyuan Zhuge asserting Star" and other relevant sections adapted)
Episode 18 Wu Hou Pingnan painting: Huangshan Nong adaptation: Stephen Liao Sima Tan Pages: 80
Lite three years, Yunnan Man Shu Wang Meng Huo attack, Jianning, like Ge, the three counties have also rebel song. Zhuge Liang marched Nanzheng, designed to drive a wedge high set, cut the Yong Lu, Zhu praise, recovered three counties. Zhuge Liang dared to make Zhao, Wei Yan attack Manbing castles, defeated three holes marshal. (According to "Three Kingdoms" the eighty-seventh back "sign south Koucheng Xiang Wang Hing division of anti heavenly quite early by the Executive," adapted)
Episode 19 fire storm over the Valley Painting: Zhang Hao adaptation: Sima Tan Su Zhijie Pages: 70
Zhuge Liang six Qishan, at the top of the valley ambush, sent Sima Yi Wei Yan lured into the valley, arson attacks, Sima Yi was trapped, cornered, and two sons, your head and cry, unexpectedly heavy rain, this danger. After Zhuge Liang Wu Zhang died, Yang Yi and Jiang Wei's army withdrew komarowii. Yang Yi Jiang Wan because of the credit and job dissatisfaction than himself, committing suicide in shame after being removed from the emperor. (According to "Three Kingdoms" one hundred and second back "Sima Yi Zhuge Liang accounted Kitahara Wei bridge built wooden ox", one hundred and third back, "Sima trapped above the valley Wuzhangyuan Zhuge asserting Star" and other relevant content adaptation)
Episode 20 random Ngo Dinh Painting: Zhang Hao Wei Gang adaptation: Su Zhijie Sima Tan Pages: 109
Zhuge childhood intelligence, won the Sun Quan favorite. Sun Quan's death, Zhuge autocratic, Fa Wei defeated, then he increasingly imperious, grudges very well, the result is Sun Jun assassinated. After Sun Jun died, his brother Sun Chen dominated the political affairs, Wu Zhu Sun Liang Yu Duo Sun Chen's right, only something to vent has been spent. Sun closed the throne Sun Chen also worries domineering, and Ding Feng and Zhang cloth designed to get rid of the Sun Chen. (According to "Three Kingdoms" one hundred and eighth back to "snow Fen Ding Feng Bing Sun Jun banquet Schmid short dollars," one hundred and thirteenth back to "a scheme to cut Sun Chen Ding Feng Jiang Fight broken Deng Ai," adapted)
Episode 21 Liaohua down the painting: taking Shaanxi adaptation: Stephen Liao Total Pages: 26
Farewell to Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Liu Bei went to Hebei to find. The way, the two women were bandits Liu Bei Du far hijacking. Liao Hua Du accomplices far been respected Guan Yu, he cut the Du far, rescued the two women. (According to "Three Kingdoms" twenty-seventh back to "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles Hanson Hou Mei Rangong five hurdles will be" adapted, and absorbed some storytelling material)
Article 21.1 sets income Zhou Cang Painting: Red zone Send adaptation: Stephen Liao Total Pages: 27
Guan Yu on the way to Hebei, passing Guo Chuang, often by 庄主郭 hospitality. Guo Chang's son has attempted burglary Red Horse, and collusion Funiushan of Pei Yuanshao to rob horses. Wal Yuanyuan Shao Guan Yu Pei impressed and introduced Zhou Cang to vote. According to "Three Kingdoms" twenty-eighth back to "cut Cai Yang brothers doubts ancient master Chen Ju Yi will" adaptation
21.2 Long Luocao painting collection: Xie Qi adaptation: Stephen Liao Sima Tan Pages: 28
Zhao initially follow Zan, but felt he was not a big man, he ran through the funeral and return home brother. Later downfall Zan, Zhao went to look for Liu Bei, passing Funiushan, the manslaughter Peiyuan Shao, followed harming Zhou Cang. Liu Bei, Guan Yu heard the news and came to Mountain, Zhao will never be followed Liu Bei. (According to "Three Kingdoms" twenty-eighth back to "cut Cai Yang brothers doubts will master the ancient Ju Yi Chen" and "Three Kingdoms" adapted)
Jung was dead set of paintings Article 21.3: Dingding Fang adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 16
Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan to raise an army Nanzheng, Jung was strongly discouraged, angered Cao Cao. Xi consider royal doctor and Jung was gapped, took the opportunity to calumny framed, he ordered the killing of Kong Rong Cao family. (According to "Three Kingdoms" back forty "Ms. Cai Liang Yee offer Jingzhou new wild fire," adapted)
Article 21.4 sets down Rocco painting: Dingding Fang, Yanjing passenger adaptation: Stephen Liao Total Pages: 35
Sichuan Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang rendezvous, Zhang Fei and Zhang Ren fighting, captured the Luo city. Liu Chang emergency dispatch fee concept, Li strictly observe Mianzhu. Li Yan and Huang war, regardless of the outcome. Zhuge Liang had laid an ambush in the valley, to close down the Li Yan. Li Yan back Mianzhu convince surrender fee concept, gave Mianzhu. (According to "Three Kingdoms" sixty-fourth back to "a scheme to catch Zhang Ren Ming Yang Fu Ma Chao Kill broken" adaptation)
Chao received 21.5 Set Painting: Li adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 12
Nishikawa aggressive when Liu Bei, Zhang Lu sent Ma Chao Jia Meng Guan and Zhang Fei in the war. Liu Bei Wu Ma Chaoyong great care, so that drive a wedge between Zhuge Liang set up, rein Ma Chao. Prepare dinner in honor of Liu Bei Ma Chao, a time when the enemy will come to challenge, Zhao Cui Ma speed kill two will make Machao Jing Pei endless. (According to "Three Kingdoms" sixty-fifth back, "Ma Chao war Liu Bei Jia Meng Guan Yi Reign from collar" adaptation)
Section 21.6 sets defeat Sun Huan painting: Liu Bin tube adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 20
Liu Bei Zheng Wu revenge, send Guan Xing, Zhang Bao and the Sun Huan Wu war, Guan Xing Li Yi beheaded chicken. After two straight teenager led his army to attack Sun Huan, Zhang Bao Jing Xie stabbed, Guan Xing Xiong Tan captured, defeated Sun Huan. (According to "Three Kingdoms" eighty-second back to "drop Wei Quan Zheng Wu by Jiuxi First Lord reward six army" adaptation)
21.7 disaggregate retreat Zhu Ran painting: Liu Bin tube adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 16
Liu Bei Zheng Wu, Wu Shujun pioneer class will make ZhaJiang count lure Wu Zhu Ran, Zhu then I do not know the count, sent Cui Yu went to the rescue Sun Huan, Cui Yu is Guan Xing halfway, Zhang Bao stopped captured, Sun Huan Camp also attack Shujun, Wu defeated retreat. (According to "Three Kingdoms" eighty-second back to "drop Wei Quan Zheng Wu by Jiuxi First Lord reward six army" adaptation)
Section 21.8 sets Xun trap array Painting: SUN adaptation: Stephen Liao Total Pages: 28
After Huoshaolianying defeated Liu Bei Lu Xun, win, only to mistakenly trap Zhuge Liang cloth under Stonehenge, thanks to the guidance of Zhuge Liang's father Huang Chengyan, then been able to escape. (According to "Three Kingdoms" eighty-fourth back to "burn camp seven hundred Ming Lu Xun Qiao cloth Eight Diagrams" adaptation)
Section 21.9 sets for Lu disk Painting: Dingding Fang, Yanjing passenger adaptation: Sima Tan Pages: 30
Beware hour because they do not shoot deer to please Pi's favor, he inherited the throne. After four just sit, he planned to construct and extravagant, also charges the financial resources came from Chang'an Lu disk removed, which makes the day blame people angry, and later killed for no reason hair queen. He entrusted before his death Cao Shuang Sima Yi Colonial, leaving a boat hidden. (According to "Three Kingdoms" one hundred and fifth back, "Wu Hou Wei Zhu Yufu Advice count cannibalized for Lu disk" adaptation)
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