The Story of Psychology

The Story of Psychology


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In the past 2,500 years, the human desire to uncover the majority, Youmiao thinking world veil. Evil human nature? Good human nature? Thoughts come from? Humans have free will it? Humans are unique in it? All these are human beings want to know. Merton? Hunter book "psychological story" tells a fascinating story of one. Hero of the story who are thinking in the field explorer ?? Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Spinoza, Mesmer, Pavlov, Skinner ?? listed here are lonely practice who indulge in sensual pleasures, enthusiasts, mystics and sane realism, who believe that humans can view, understand, this is the ultimate direction or control of their thought processes, emotional and behavioral outcomes, so that they become Another man ?? psychoanalyst. This book is not focused on people's personal experience, but from the description so that readers can quickly understand the techniques of psychological research and correct theory, psychology and psychotherapy as a major component of the methods and effectiveness. In this era of increasingly widespread concern psychology, "psychological story" as a timely and important and appealing works, trying to explain exactly ?? doubt people's minds, "the true cause of human behavior in the end is what ? "
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