Modern Chinese

Modern Chinese


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This book is the state Division of Health, Peking University Department of Chinese compulsory basic course materials, including introduction, speech, writing, vocabulary, grammar, rhetoric chapters. Textbooks focus on explaining the basics of modern Chinese, easy to understand, informative. Note also that the absorption mining research in various fields in recent years, modern Chinese new achievements, a number of difficult issues to do in-depth analysis, in order to facilitate students to further academic development. This book is also available as candidates Peking University Chinese Language and Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics graduate of reference books, but also for other institutions of higher learning Department of Chinese teachers and students used as teaching reference.
In order to meet the development needs of teaching and academic research, develop new century talents, 2011 Peking University Department of Chinese Language in Modern Chinese Literature Department while retaining the original editor, an increase of some rich experience in teaching young teachers, many years of publishing "Modern Chinese" textbooks be revised again, and make additions.
To implement the principle of studying, the various parts of each chapter of the textbook are designed with a lot of teaching content exercises, review questions and ponder over a problem, especially in grammar section, and there is a certain amount of difficulty. These exercises should be considered as an integral part of the teaching content, improve thinking ability and analytical skills learners benefit. To achieve good learning results, the learner should earnestly fulfill these jobs.
This version of "Modern Chinese" textbook published since, the majority of scholars Mongolian universities and the attention of many students, has started printing a dozen. I996年该教材获国家教委第三届优秀教材一等奖; in 1997, with the materials for the main components of "Building and practice of modern Chinese language course series," won the National Ministry of Education, the first educational outcomes colleges first prize. Since then, Japan and South Korea also have to negotiate with the Commercial Press, it was published in Japanese translation and translation of North Korea "Modern Chinese" (rearrangements present) materials.
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