Linguistics in Philosophy

Linguistics in Philosophy


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"Philosophy in Linguistics" is the philosophy of language of an important figure in the later part of Wan Delek representative works. Chandler is one of the first ten thousand philosophers familiar with Chomsky's linguistics, full use of the means of modern linguistics to discuss the philosophy of language issues; "Philosophy of Linguistics" clearly reflects the square Chandler features. "Philosophy in Linguistics" is divided into seven chapters, the first chapter discusses whether linguistics can help philosophy, the author answered in the affirmative. From chapter to chapter VII, chapter examine a set of language phenomenon, when investigated borrowed tools of modern linguistics, it is the conclusion drawn philosophical sense. Such visits have been served as papers have been published, and finally made some changes after the synthesis book. We empirically investigate the phenomenon of language understanding to some of the rules, this is the work of linguists. These rules are agreed upon, it is accidental; but the once found these rules, we may get some of these rules are based on a priori truth, and the truth is innate understanding of what the philosopher.
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