Introduction to Formal Semantics

Introduction to Formal Semantics


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In linguistics, Mr. Fung's book premier, the reason is as follows: 1, the concept (intension and extension) defines clear, easy to understand. You must have read the book know linguistics, linguistics book hard to read, an important reason why the authors of the definition of linguistic concepts is unclear, for example (extension) is too small; 2, Fung's book is a methodology . Can inspire the reader's thinking, the introduction has been read on, not only to learn the relevant knowledge, methodology learn more. 3, Fung knowledgeable knowledge across multiple disciplines, very valuable. Involved in the field of deep understanding and thorough. Chinese linguists such as Fung too little. Most Chinese scholars of language knowledge is narrow, lack of natural science background and scientific way of thinking, and in the study of contemporary linguistics less of these, much will be difficult, perhaps domestic linguists to now little big theory achievements is proof.
Formal Semantics is a good book.
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