History of Chinese Grammar

History of Chinese Grammar


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"History of Chinese Grammar" manuscript or comrade Jing Min written before and after graduate school, as far as I know, a few years, he also revised several times, after repeated pondering, maturing. I always think, comrades Jing Min to write this "history" is more appropriate. He graduated from Peking University in 1966 specializing in Chinese, taught by famous contemporary linguist Mr. Wang Li, Zhu Dexi, etc., in 1978 and admitted to Professor Wang Weixian Hangzhou University graduate student, after graduation, assigned to Shanghai, East China Normal University, Chinese department. Here, he received linguistics education system, but also the situation north, south are more familiar with. At the same time, middle-aged one hand, he took part in the discussion of the syntax, on the other hand took part in the youth of grammar seminars, the old, young three generations of communication has played a special role. He is in this north-south cross on the younger level, history and current situation of grammarians are more comprehensive and profound understanding. Moreover, all these years, he diligently thought, has been working on modern Chinese grammar, have been published on hundreds perish text, covering all areas of grammar research on grammar study joys, the crux is quite understand, therefore Review up to the point, and not some general details.
The honor as the first reader, I read this "history", was well received lessons. It is not only engaged in the study of Chinese grammar useful friends, but also to engage in linguistics and other disciplines engaged in research and teaching of Chinese friends also have important reference value. I would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend this book.
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