Course in General Linguistics

Course in General Linguistics


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This book is the author Ferdinand. De Saussure is the most famous of the century, one of the most profound effect of linguists. He was born in a French home in Geneva, Switzerland in 1857. After graduating from high school, in 1875 to 1876 at the University of Geneva read a year later transferred to Germany, in Leipzig University to study linguistics. It was such a new grammar school and their teachers Gul linguists for ust (G.Curtius) linguistics debate was most intense. At first he totally on the side of the new grammar school, in Oswald de Hof (H. Osthoff) and under 雷斯琴 (A. Leskien) guidance in the history of comparative language studies, he wrote an outstanding essay in 1878 "On the original Indo-European language vowel system" so that the older generation of linguists amazed.
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