Cognitive research and computational analysis of language

Cognitive research and computational analysis of language


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The book is compiled and cognitive research on language and a set of papers computational analysis, the core content is: try from the perspective of cognitive science research on the structure of language and the way of understanding the psychological mechanisms and to calculate semantic analysis to explore Language study how to provide appropriate methods and appropriate rules for the computer to understand natural language. Through various articles in this book, the reader can probably be learned: popular philosophy, psychology, linguistics, computer science and cognitive neuroscience ideological trend, the basic concepts of cognitive linguistics and in syntax, Various studies on semantic route; formal knowledge representation language on methods and procedures and computer analysis, the computer understand natural language structure necessary for clues and rules and policies of the call; how to use verbs and nouns valence predicate Implicit concepts to describe the syntax statements between different lexical items, semantic link mode, this non-monotonic logic and reasoning with the default diffusion activation of semantic memory model to build microscopic mechanism for computing a semantic understanding, How to analyze parts of speech issues with Chinese prototype theory in psychology, how to use the concept of family resemblance to prove the similarity of the word based on the likelihood of sub-surface to cluster; linguistics steam domains having psychological reality, language information and biological information when coding follow the principle of dual section.
This book is available for modern linguistics, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and interested readers and reference.
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