Jun 12, 2015

Chinese Sociolinguistics

"Chinese sociolinguistics" (updated version) In addition to correct a typographical error and inappropriate references outside of this update are the following changes in several aspects of (1) an increase in the first chapter of the "Speech Community Theory," a section in "communication language," a section added "language competition and maintain" content; combined with China's national language problem a lot of expansion (2) Chapter IV; (3) the original book Chapter VII: "language Planning" section of a separate chapter, and the content has been expanded and deepened; (4) the original Chapter 7, "language life" section is removed and a new "language education" and merged into Chapter VIII; (5) an increase of Chapter IX "Language coordination and 'Chinese' problem '; (6) The tenth chapter, Chapter 8 is changed, and added" the rules of analysis variables, "a book. Other parts of the book have made a lot of changes according to the latest literature, supplemented adjusted.
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