Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.57

Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.57


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Article 57 sets the political normalization Sima painting: Feng Mexican agricultural adaptation: Tian Yi Pages: 136
This set of rulers of Syria Wei internal struggle. Shubing not Qishan, Wei Jing frontier level. Sima Yi command of military forces, but also tied the Liaodong rebellion, high prestige. Wei Zhu Rui Cao died, son Cao Fang to the throne, the Great General Caoshuang management of public affairs, in charge of military forces Sima Yi. Caoshuang a white silk hakama children, listen to Menke, then won the Sima Yi's military power. Cao Shuang Sima Yi out of the city safari ride when, under the guise of the name of the Queen Mother, retrieve military power, kill Cao Shuang indecisive, sole charge 曹魏军 Chengchi right. Caoshuang defected relatives Xiahou Ba Shu, cited Jiang Weijun Ma, come Fawei in Niutoushan a war, is Wei will Guohuai defeat, returned to Hanzhong. After Sima Yi died, Sima Shi brothers condominium national policy.
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