Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.55

Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.55


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Article 55 sets Zhuge God installed painting: Ling Tao adaptation: Wang Xing North Pages: 104
The collection Zhuge Liang Syria military system reform, the Hanzhong horses divided into two classes, implementation and maintenance of forces, rotation off. He makes all care Rocco responsible for the supply of rations, they led the army, five Qishan, Joe play ghost, confused Wei, grab cut long on wheat, to win the military superiority. Unexpectedly, Li Yan due to bad rations, fear condemn Zhuge Liang, Wu FIG River actually fabricated news to Qishan Dazhai emergency. Zhuge Liang Wei shot with a needle ambush star Zhang He, the army returned to Hanzhong, identified Li Yan false military intelligence, he will punish according to the law, they have to visit the son of Li Feng Li Yan is very talented, do not hesitate to use a long history. He will re-training grain, wait Fawei the opportunity.
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