Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.34

Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.34


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Article 34 sets Zhang Song Xian map Painting: Wang Yushan adaptation: Forest Total Pages: 97

This episode Syria Liu Zhang Yi Reign Discovery Dongchuan into Tuxi Chuan Zhang Lu has meaning, sent Zhang Song to have an audience with Cao Xu, request assistance. Zhang Song arrogant because Cao Cao, Liu Bei went to the Jingzhou meeting, gave Nishikawa Map Nishikawa advised him aggressive. Liu Bei Zhang Lu by a total of royal name, the mention soldiers into the river, Xi Qu Fu Guan, Luo soldiers into the city. Wei Yan power struggle caused by failure, thanks to rescue Huang, turn the tables, and took away outside the stockade. Cheng Cheng Luo soldiers arrived at.
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