Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.14

Chinese Comic: Three Kingdoms Vol.14


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Episode 14 cooking wine Heroes Painting: Li Tiesheng Lui et painted adaptation: Tian Yi Pages: 122

This set Cao autocratic Syria, coercion Emperor Xian, Liu Bei stay in Xuchang. Liu Bei, Cao Cao suspicion he knew, pretending garden irrigation to grow vegetables at home. One day, Cao, Liu talk about when the world hero, Cao Cao pointed out that "the world is a hero, but sympathizing with the operation." Liu Bei was shocked, then, to bear the Emperor Xian Dong Chao blood, covenant and Liu Bei, Cao Cao total of discussions. Liu Bei then by the name of Taoyuan surgery to cut the provincial governor of Xuzhou car helmet, and contact Yuan Shao, Cao break offensive.
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