Applied Linguistics Program

Applied Linguistics Program


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This is a theoretical monograph. Applied Linguistics main theories put forward comb, evolution, development, and meaning, application, be Analysis and Discussion on the law. In the language of life, language of work, language research-based. Is the country's major achievements in the form of "Applied Linguistics Theory," the text language issues Institute of Applied Language Committee. As "Introduction to Applied Linguistics" Writing our preparation. It can be used as the main subject teachers and students in university language teaching reference.
This is essentially a "philosophy of language dialogue" (the root element, etc., language Press, 1999) companion. We have "the philosophy of language dialogue" as the book's preliminary results. "Philosophy of Language Dialogue" in general can be said to be emission type, this book can be said to be largely recovered type. This book uses a "philosophy of language dialogue" a lot of material. However, the book with the "Philosophy of Language Dialogue" There are two differences. First, this book hopes to put the whole issue involves a number, it contains a lot of material, "the philosophy of language dialogue" than, for example, some of the theory of history. There are some problems, "the philosophy of language dialogue" in discussions not by much, as "Fuzzy Linguistics", originally planned to discuss some topics in the "Philosophy of Language dialogue" in the later plans to change without devoted, as latent "Language and It was "specifically talked about this book. Second, this book is after "the philosophy of language dialogue" Finish writing, many opinions more profound than the "Philosophy of Language dialogue" in.
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