An Introduction to Contemporary Linguistic Semantics

An Introduction to Contemporary Linguistic Semantics


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One graduate student in English Language and Literature book-based institutions of higher learning textbook series. On his many years in the modern semantic theory teaches graduate courses on the basis of semantics extensively absorb foreign research results in recent years put together the book. The book has 12 chapters, the development and characteristics of semantics, semantics research concerning the nature, structure and relationships of meaning, the meaning of a sentence logic and pragmatics made a more detailed description and analysis, and is rich in illustrations each chapter of Introduction and Conclusion the chapter on learning from the guidance and induction effect. After each chapter with Reflections and exercises to help readers better understand the concepts and theories, but also a list of related topics for further research bibliography. The book with detailed bibliography and semantic terms in English and Chinese Zhao table. This book can serve as high school students and graduate of University textbooks, language researchers and language teachers is an essential reference book.
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