Jun 12, 2015

A Handbook for Grammatical Investigation and Research

The questionnaire about the purpose, features, usage, etc., the author of the "Introduction" is explained. The questionnaire published on academic background, as well as in the domestic introduction of the significance of this questionnaire, in the Description section "Introduction" after also introduced. In short, the survey around the human language description provides a possible objective, comprehensive and inclusive grammar framework for survey researchers to get rid of language limitations and stereotypes as possible for schools to investigate the facts as much as possible grammar . This is the main vision of the country used to Chinese grammarians are highly desirable.
This manual Comrie (Bernard Comrie) and Smith (Norval Smith) prepared by the "Lingua Edition Language Descriptive Study Questionnaire" (1977, Demonstratives Wu Ke Ying translation) to outline the contents of the questionnaire detailed comments, illustrated supplement and analysis, including inadequate or unsuitable Review of Chinese Language Department. The total length of approximately ten times the equivalent of the questionnaire. The questionnaire has been translated and published in Comrie and Smith two professors of authorization and encouragement. Subject questionnaire grammar items described in this book are mainly around grammar and thus the title "grammar investigation manual."
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