Jun 17, 2015

A Course in Modern Linguistics

Hockett's "Modern Linguistics" was published in 1958, it is a master of American structural linguistics theoretical work, but also a comprehensive textbook discussion of various aspects of linguistics. Since inception, while undergoing a new theory of linguistics shocks, but still has repeatedly reprinted and published a Polish translation (1969) and Spanish translation (1971), is still subject to the attention of linguists, is recognized as a comprehensive, solid, sound modern linguistics manual. Translation of the synchronic description language based on the principles and took the book discusses evolution, divided into two volumes, published in 1986 and 1987 respectively. Hockett that "language is a complex system of habit," contains five subsystems: grammar system, phonemic system, morpheme phoneme systems, semantic systems, voice systems. Among them, the grammar system, phoneme system, phoneme morpheme system is the central system, semantic systems, voice system is a peripheral system. "Tutorial" in the description of the main tasks of the center of the language system, which sorted out the language phonological system and grammar system, and morpheme phoneme system as "intermediary" of these two different levels of systems link up. Hockett in the "Tutorial" as expressed in this description and the description of the theoretical framework of language technology, language American structuralist school of linguists summarize the outcome of many years of research. The most obvious feature is the center of the system description language further procedures, it can be summarized as "outside to inside" the basic principle of "hierarchical way progress". "Guide" summed phoneme study summed up the method is effective, the syntax description of the program is simple and practical. If Bloomfield "Linguistic" is the American structuralist linguistics describe ground-breaking book, then Hockett "Modern Linguistics" we can say that American descriptive linguistics maturity structure of the book with a summary of the.
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