Picture english without memorizing

Picture english without memorizing


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"Figure grammar school not back!" Is to "close the English secret" is written in the elements, presented to our readers. The secret, is not able to discover and experience overnight. This is a few years in the "English" learning environment to explore, struggle, and finally find such a clue: Most languages ​​including English, are from the beginning of the diagram. Looking back on the trail to go dig out the "graphical thinking to learn English, English is no longer a headache for foreign language" context. "Figure grammar school not back!" Is in this spirit that came to be codified, which took a year to complete. During the year, it is a lot of people to sort through the learning experience and suggestions. Ranking "! Figure grammar not back" Original People are amazed: "The original thought impossible and English, actually can be so simply did not have fun thing!!" Quite a few people are sorry to say: "Why do not you beginning to find this way of learning it? This way you can learn English more efficiently it! "Finally, we also agreed that before reading other books to learn English, be sure to read this" plug-grammar not back!. " In fact, the graphical expression is beyond time and space, nationality and race around the world that are common to the "Palais common language." Possess human cognition, all symbolic systems, are in fact the image of the substrate. Language, of course, is no exception. Therefore, by the way of thinking by graphical learning English, we can finally do not have to repeat those suffering experienced in the past.
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