Now! Need to Manage Your Knowledge

Now! Need to Manage Your Knowledge


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KMC News, the leading knowledge management experts, Knowledge Management Center (Knowledge Management Center), founder of Tian Zhigang personal knowledge management books the "Now need to manage your knowledge," published recently. The book is a paper from a personal point of view of contemporary knowledge management knowledge worker personal growth, development, and how to enhance their competitiveness and monographs.

Knowledge-based economy in the era of rapid change, personal development is increasingly dependent on their competitiveness and the competitiveness of the organization is also more dependent on the performance of knowledge workers, knowledge workers how to improve the efficiency of processing information and knowledge management with the ability to be faceda major challenge. Now need to manage your knowledge" that the current major work of knowledge workers around the processing of information and knowledge to start, and information and processing capacity to form the knowledge workers of the knowledge edge, which includes personal knowledge of the study, preservation, sharing, use of and innovation in five parts. Personal knowledge of training and building capacity of individuals to enhance the value and the core competitive advantage of institutions are for the most basic workers.

On the knowledge management center Tian Zhigang (Knowledge Management Center), founder and senior consultant, the most active Chinese Knowledge Management Community - China Knowledge Management Center Web site ( Leader. Research areas are organizational knowledge management and knowledge management, knowledge management is an important driving force, known as "the best understanding of knowledge management of Chinese enterprises," the people. Personal knowledge management, called the pioneer and founder of the field.

On the use of popular, simple and humorous language for the knowledge worker's personal knowledge management system, a comprehensive discussion and in-depth analysis of the book through the case, the form of a lively question and answer system, described in layman's language ability to create the concept of personal knowledge, methods, tools and techniques to enable readers to master to enhance their competitiveness and achieve the process and path of self-worth, is a contribution to the knowledge workers of the excellent work.
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