International trade theory and practice

International trade theory and practice


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"International Trade Theory and Practice," in a more systematic exposition of the basic concepts of international trade and the basic theory of international trade and the actual business operational processes were highlighted. Its main contents include: the traditional trade theory, modern trade theory, international capital flows and transnational corporations, international trade policy, international trade measures, regional economic integration and WTO, international trade in services and international technology trade, commodity quality, quantity and consultations packaging, international trade terms and pricing terms, international cargo transportation, international cargo insurance, international payment settlement, import and export contracts with signed import contracts to fulfill, fulfill export contracts, international trade, dispute prevention and treatment . In order to facilitate teaching and learning, each chapter has columns and case studies, after chapter has summary, along with the appropriate exercises. Readers using the "International Trade Theory and Practice" in the process, should pay attention closely to reality, tracking new developments in international trade theory and practice, and promote the improvement of the accumulation of knowledge and ability. "International Trade Theory and Practice" comprehensive, innovative, practical and theory with practice, there is a strong applicability.
"International Trade Theory and Practice," applies to economics, management undergraduate students to learn, can be used as reference in the foreign trade business personnel.
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