A Practical Course in English Chinese Interpretation

A Practical Course in English Chinese Interpretation


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"Practical English-English interpreter tutorial" prepared mainly reflected a comprehensive and practical, designed to help students understand the nature and characteristics of the interpreters work, learn to use the relevant skills and experience of the various factors affecting interpretation, so as to achieve acquire skills, gain experience purposes.
Textbooks for ten minutes unit (Unit), the first overview of the knowledge and skills of interpretation, the rest of the unit in accordance with the tourism, culture, education, social issues, economic and trade, health and hygiene, the international situation, science and technology, sports, entertainment, conference speech nine thematic content arrangement. The first unit diet two texts (Lesson), each set of five articles by text (Text) components. Text1 is an Introduction to the article, the purpose is to familiarize students with the relevant background knowledge of the topic, and gradually into the role and importance to develop good habits before translation prepared. Then in Translation (Text2) and in English translation (Text3) articles each chapter with reference translation and translation to explain, for review and analysis of classroom practice. Text4 and Text5 is related to the same topic two complementary articles, equipped with reference translation, can be used to supplement classroom training, after-school or extracurricular self-study review. Textbooks with tape, easy classroom teaching and student self-study.
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