Translation History of Chinese Buddhist Scriptures

Translation History of Chinese Buddhist Scriptures


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Zhang Qian history contained so far, the smell of Buddha in the Western Region; Han Emperor Ming Jin fall asleep, causing a white horse through the pack, Buddhism spread eastward. Since the photo Matanga, Zhu Falan beginning by Western Huseng Dalai preach in Turkey, is a land of Buddhism spread west China two thousand years.
Buddhist heritage and described in Buddhist scriptures see, in the Northern and Southern beginning, that special essays, and a constant renewal. ? Liang Hu monk, "the Sanzo mind set" made its harbinger, Dignitary "Monks" is over then; Sui, there is a long room fee "Chronicles Sambo mind"; Tang generation, the proper way to declare, "continued Monks "; yuan, Ming and Qing, there is also a follow-up pass. There are startling Yuan Tan "Six monks pass" feel shore "of Buddhism Jigu slightly"; Ming Hsin like "Ming dynasty Monks 'release Minghe" fill continued Monks'; Pang Qing had occasion to "lay Biography" ...... Monk and pass through record, all found in Sri Lanka.
Syria Chinese translation of Buddhist scriptures two thousand things, but there is no complete writings. Early Tang Dynasty when people release Jingmai essays "ancient scriptures map Ji", "Kaiyuan Buddhism recorded" author Zhisheng also essays, "continued ancient scriptures map of the century", but then it is contained in the Tang and historical events before scriptures ; and above membership in Translation translation translation people, pen too simple, mostly a few words in passing. Although the ancients Ximorujin praise, terse, and then to translate theory of history, then inevitably there are things unknown, and hung above the leak is suspected and more.
Therefore in honor of lifting the history of translation studies, the test for more than two thousand Chinese Buddhist texts in Translation history essays, books borrowed capital Yuzhu, dried over effort, is a book. Gaps fallacy certainly inevitable, regardless of who sent it to be to Ger.
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