The new concept of College English Reading Course 1

The new concept of College English Reading Course 1


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"University of New Concept English tutorial (the first one)," is designed for improving students' comprehensive cultural quality and lifelong self-learning ability of college English reading materials. Concerning the requirements outlined reading comprehension, examination of knowledge and ability, reading comprehension exam analysis techniques and methods to read, comprehensive training, reference answers to explain, famous quotes and extensive reading articles appreciation. "The new concept of English reading tutorial (1)" For the majority of students to broaden their horizons, familiar with English and American literature and culture. Integrated to improve reading level of great help.

Unit 1 Love and Friendship Unit 2 Festivals and Holidays Unit 3 Family and Life Unit 4 History and Civilization Unit 5 Humanity and Geography Unit 6 Leisure and Entertainment Unit 7 Literature and Art Unit 8 Human and Society Unit 9 Human and Nature Unit 10 Science and Technology

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